AMCA - Auto Modelbouw Club Apeldoorn

First Dutch nationals done

We arrived Saturday and the start was quite good, car and engine worked well. For the rest of the day we struggled with the engine and changed it to late, so we were totally lost.
For Sunday we changed the car and engine and started new. We didn’t had a lot of track time so tried to make the best out of it and ended up in the 3rd place after qualification, not too bad… after 30 stressful minutes without tire change we ended where we started 3rd place quite happy because car and engine worked flawless the whole day!
The new PIP-Aero body worked great! Top overall grip and a lot of steering…
Congrats to Jesse Keller for his win and the whole Shepherd team for a great performance! It was so nice to race with Sander Borghoff after so many years again… congrats for his great weekend and the win!
AMCA Apeldoorn was a great facility as always!
Thanks to my sponsors for the great stuff now we have to tune the driver !
Shepherd Micro Racing
Brilliant RC