Simply Fun Racing event

ERCE track in Eindhoven

Today i participated the Simply Fun Racing event hosted by the nice, but very technical ERCE track in Eindhoven! After more then 5 years i picked up (my) transmitter that i could borrow from my good friend Koen Van Molle, the ARC FWD A-10 ‘24 from John Ermen of Titanium RC, and the new FWD Body of PIP-Aero!
Thnx lads for this opportunity 🙏🏾💪🏾👊🏾
Saturday i had a chance to practice some laps late in the midday, but that wasn’t enough to get a good feeling for the car, and the level of grip changed drastically the next day! Temp dropped almost 10’C and ofcourse me as rc-driver was not in that good shape, so i took this event as a good practice-run to test a lot of things!
End result:
car: good and fast enough to battle!
Body: lot’s of steering and amazing overall stability, like to try more tests with other set-up variations, so i could mix it up to a good one for this kind of events!
Driver: needs a lot more of practice, (did i say a lot, i mean a mega-ton more)😅🤣, and is going for some more! Out of shape but had a blast driving again with friendly people and is hungry for more💪🏾!
Special thnx to Rick van den Akker and girlfriend from Instant RC💪🏾👊🏾 for pulling this amazing job!
And all the volunteers of ERCE!
Fun meets racing, racing meet friends!
As we spoke about friends and fun: for those who don’t go to the ETS in Apeldoorn, check out de Ries Ermen Memorial race at the track of Mac De Baanbrekers!